Magento 2 Full Page Cache

Increase the speed of your Magento 2 website instantly with this full page cache Magento 2 module. It's easy to install and automatically configures itself so you don't have to do anything to start seeing amazing performance improvements.

It works on any server and doesn't require any extra software to run.

  • The fastest Magento 2 FPC available.
  • Auto smart cache flushing when you save data in the Magento Admin.
  • Fully compatible with Magento WordPress Integration so your blog/WordPress will be faster too!
  • This module comes ready configured so you can install and watch your site get instantly faster with no work involved.
  • Smart Cache Warming with our new Magento 2 Cache Warmer.
  • Product updates and support for 12 months
  • Instant access via private Composer repository or download as a ZIP
The original and fastestFull Page Cache for Magento 2
  1. Instant speed boost to your Magento 2 site.
  2. Works on any server, with no extra software or configuration required.
  3. Faster than the core Magento 2 FPC.
Compatible with all versions of Magento 2.3 and 2.4

Magento Full Page Cache Extension

This Magento full page cache extension works differently from all other Magento FPC's. It's quicker, uses less memory and CPU and supports all core and third party modules.

Unlike most FPC's, Bolt FPC doesn't have to connect to the database or load any core Magento files to deal with a cache hit. This makes it quicker than any other full page cache and leaves your server free to serve other requests, making things even faster!

  • Lightning Quick

    This module is quicker than any other FPC for Magento and performs as fast as Varnish in third party tests

  • Time to First Byte

    Achieve a time to first byte of less of 200ms with this FPC module. Some sites can get as low as 48ms (0.048 seconds).

  • Redis, Memcache or File

    All Magento cache and session save types are supported and are picked up automatically without any extra configuration.

  • Hole Punching

    Easily add layout blocks to the hole punch system and show dynamic content on cached pages.

  • Auto Cleaning

    As you make changes in the Magento Admin, the corresponding cache records are marked for flushing so that the frontend data is refreshed. This happens via the CRON so it doesn't slow you down while working.

  • Third Party Module Support

    All third party modules are supported. You can select which modules you want to be included in the full page cache from a multi-select element in the module's configuration.

  1. How do I download an extension?

    All FishPig extensions can be downloaded as ZIP files or installed/upgraded automatically using Composer and our private Composer repository.

  2. Do FishPig modules support the Hyva theme?

    Yes, all FishPig modules are compatible with the Hyva theme for Magento 2.

Changelog v2.9.1