Magento 1 Extensions

Our famous Magento 1 extensions are now all open source and completely free! We have a list below of our most popular extensions and you can download them all for free on GitHub.

Magento WordPress Integration

Integrate WordPress into Magento 1. This is the system that put FishPig on the map.

  • Magento WordPress Integration
  • Shortcodes & Widgets
  • Root
  • Post Types & Taxonomies
  • Multisite
  • Advanced Custom Fields
  • Integrated Search
  • Customer Synchronisation
  • BBPress
  • AMP
  • reCaptcha
  • Ultimate Category Excluder
  • ReciPress

Magento 1 Performance Optimisation

We made Magento 1 fast. These extensions are how we did it.

  • Bolt Full Page Cache
  • Opti (PageSpeed)
  • NoBots - Security, Firewall, Bot Protection
  • Cache Warmer

General Magento 1 Extensions

General but useful.

  • Smart Product Tabs
  • Glossary
  • SEO Tag URLs
  • SEO Search URLs
  • Product AZ
  • Flat Category URL
  • CrossLink - Internal Link Generator
  • Coupon URL
  • Cart Shipping Selector
  • Change Contact Form URL
  • SEO Layered Navigation
  • XML Sitemap for SEO Layered Navigation
  • iBanners

Attribute Splash Pages

Build category like pages based on attribute filters. A landing page game changer.

  • Attribute Splash Pages
  • XML Sitemap - Splash Pages Add-on
  • Quick Create - Splash Pages Add-on
  • Attribute Splash Pages Pro

We have always loved Magento 1. It's how we learnt to Magento. The difficult first days and late nights of trying to make sense of MVC, layout XML and what the hell is Varien?! To finally understanding, the epiphant and then feeling like a monk on a mountain who has finally achieved Nirvana. All Magento 1 devs know this journey.

Magento 1 hit EOL in 2022, but that still couldnt stop it, the beast that it is. This is why we have decided to release all of our Magento 1 modules for free, by open sourcing them. If your project is still using Magento 1, feel free to use any FishPig modules that you need.

We also have an archive of our Magento 1 tutorials still online.