Magento 2 Optimization

We have been making Magento faster for over 10 years and we've poured all of this optimization knowledge into these Magento 2 speed extensions.

Want to see how fast we can make Magento 2? Try running through Google Page Speed and see the results. We use all of these optimization modules on our Magento 2 build and we could not achieve our speeds without them.

  1. Full Page Cache Magento 2 Full Page Cache

    The fastest full page cache extension available for Magento 1 and Magento 2. It's even faster than the default Magento 2 FPC.

  2. Page Speed Magento 2 Page Speed

    Automatically increase your page speed by optimising your content and assets.

  3. Security Extension (NoBots) Magento 2 Security Extension (NoBots)

    Protect your site from spam, bots and hackers using this automated rule based security system.

  4. Cache Warmer Magento 2 Cache Warmer

    Automatically request all URLs in your XML sitemap to pre warm your full page cache.


Optimize Magento 2

FishPig have been leaders in Magento optimisation for 10 years and our Magento 2 performance modules will provide an instant speed boost to your website.

  • Speed & Simplicity

    At the heart of our Magento optimization modules is the desire to speed up websites in a simple and easy way. All of our extensions come with configuration options that allow you to fine tune the inner workings, but the modules come fully configured and ready to go for 99% of stores. This means that while you can reconfigure everything, you probably won't need to.

  • Real-Time Intelligent Integration

    All of the extensions integrate in real time. This allows the cache warmer to know what pages are cached by the FPC and skip warming those, saving time and resources. It allows PageSpeed to know what HTML comments are required for the FPC hole punching feature and leave those in. These real time intelligent decisions allow the modules to work together to create a rapid website for you.

  • Constantly Improved

    Our speed extensions are fast, really fast, but we think they can be faster. This is why we continue to release regular updates with new features and performance improvements and you'll get all updates free.

  • Performance Support

    We love to talk Magento performance so get in touch and we can help craft a plan to get your site to speeds you desire.