Magento 2 Full Page Cache

Increase the speed of your Magento 2 website instantly with this full page cache Magento 2 module. It's easy to install and automatically configures itself so you don't have to do anything to start seeing amazing performance improvements.

It works on any server and doesn't require any extra software to run.

  • The fastest Magento 2 FPC available.
  • Auto smart cache flushing when you save data in the Magento Admin.
  • Fully compatible with Magento WordPress Integration so your blog/WordPress will be faster too!
  • This module comes ready configured so you can install and watch your site get instantly faster with no work involved.
  • Smart Cache Warming with our new Magento 2 Cache Warmer.
  • Product updates and support for 12 months
  • Instant access via private Composer repository or download as a ZIP
The original and fastestFull Page Cache for Magento 2
  1. Instant speed boost to your Magento 2 site.
  2. Works on any server, with no extra software or configuration required.
  3. Faster than the core Magento 2 FPC.
Compatible with all versions of Magento 2.4.*

Magento Full Page Cache Extension

This Magento full page cache extension works differently from all other Magento FPC's. It's quicker, uses less memory and CPU and supports all core and third party modules.

Unlike most FPC's, Bolt FPC doesn't have to connect to the database or load any core Magento files to deal with a cache hit. This makes it quicker than any other full page cache and leaves your server free to serve other requests, making things even faster!

  • Lightning Quick

    This module is quicker than any other FPC for Magento and performs as fast as Varnish in third party tests

  • Time to First Byte

    Achieve a time to first byte of less of 200ms with this FPC module. Some sites can get as low as 48ms (0.048 seconds).

  • Redis, Memcache or File

    All Magento cache and session save types are supported and are picked up automatically without any extra configuration.

  • Hole Punching

    Easily add layout blocks to the hole punch system and show dynamic content on cached pages.

  • Auto Cleaning

    As you make changes in the Magento Admin, the corresponding cache records are marked for flushing so that the frontend data is refreshed. This happens via the CRON so it doesn't slow you down while working.

  • Third Party Module Support

    All third party modules are supported. You can select which modules you want to be included in the full page cache from a multi-select element in the module's configuration.

  1. How do I download an extension?

    All FishPig extensions can be downloaded as ZIP files or installed/upgraded automatically using Composer and our private Composer repository.

  2. Do FishPig modules support the Hyva theme?

    Yes, all FishPig modules are compatible with the Hyva theme for Magento 2.

  1. Does what it says on the tin
    Full Page Cache

    Excellent FPC that has reduced bandwidth consumption and speeded up the site load time by 2 seconds a page

  2. Viktor
    Full Page Cache

    We're using Bolt for a couple years now. Worked amazingly well on Magento 1 and it was not a question to use it on Magento 2 when we're migrated. The extension gives a huge boost to speed with varnish and redis. I only can recommend it. Ben is amazingly helpful if you face with an issue. Tried other FPC solutions, but this is the simplest and the fastest. Go for it!

  3. Flipmedia
    Full Page Cache

    I've been running this on a clients site for some months now. By far the best perceived speed gain from a FPC and we have used a few. The support is always A+, quick and to the point when it is rarely needed :-)

  4. Peter
    Full Page Cache

    Great product!!! I bought this caching module from Fishpig for my Magento 2.2.7 website. Easy to install and configure and it dramatically improved UX as it is lightning fast. A day after installation I found a small issue caused by the theme which I am using. Just a small problem which Ben sorted out straight away. He also updated the extension to fix the issue for future customers.

    I have now a much, much faster website as before and by far faster as the built in FPC from Magento itself which is problematic sometimes in multistore environments. I use the extension together with Amazon Cloudfront CDN, a nice combination of tools and working smoothly together.

    Ben’s Fishpig Caching module passed with flying colors. Definitely recommended!

  5. Kamil Rutkowski
    Full Page Cache

    I bought this cache module from fishpig company it works perfect! The fastest cache as i used , Magento 1.9 with over 30.0000 products and 6 millions categories and 5 languages ...but speed is amazing HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

  6. Paul Burdon
    Full Page Cache

    This is absolutely fantastic, I was cautious about the claims made but this totally sorted out our very slow magento site so it performs very well on gtmetrix now. Well worth the money and great support from Ben.

  7. Mike R
    Full Page Cache

    This is a great extension. It has really speed up my site. Previously it was around the 8s mark for a homepage load and after this is down to around the 3-4s mark. Feels much quicker than that with most pages loading instantly. Was always concerned about page loading speeds, but feel with this extension it's really running fast. Ben was great with installing and support on the extension also.

  8. Robert Berger
    Full Page Cache

    Simply Superb! I have Opti, Bolt, No Bots and Cache Warmer installed. The combination has led to dramatic increases in site performance and as a result improvements in SEO and CRO.
    IMO the extensions pay for themselves in a matter of days. Penny wise - Pound foolish if you don't get them.

  9. Jeremy Cherwitz
    Full Page Cache

    I've been using other Fishpig extensions which have all been great. None compare to full page cache. Using magento we were struggling with extremely high load times in the 10+ second range. Both our front and backend load times have increased to 2 seconds. Sometimes faster depending on the page. We've seen our conversions increase as our customers are no longer waiting for our pages to load. Every fishpig extension we currently use (wordpress multisite, root, full page cache, gravity forms) work better than I expected. On top of that Ben responds to all requests with educated and simple to understand solutions. Would highly recommend Fishpig to anyone. 5/5 stars.

  10. Chris D
    Full Page Cache

    Easily the best cache extension for Magento. No-brainer!

  11. Simon Smart
    Full Page Cache

    Easy to install and configure and has turned a distinctly under whelming browsing experience on our website into a blazingly fast one.

  12. Jonathan Cook
    Full Page Cache

    Used on multiple clients websites works fantastically with no issues. One client did have some issues but Ben at FishPig was more than happy to help and fix the issue. Just purchased I think a 5th licence for my latest website.

  13. Nathan
    Full Page Cache

    First off, I want to say that Bolt works extremely well. It's very fast.

    I was previously using Varnish, and was not happy with it due to how buggy the integration was. I decided to replace Varnish with an FPC and after researching the options took my chances with Bolt.

    Bolt can be configured to use Redis (as I have) and is initialized when hitting the index.php page so that a request does not need to involve the complete Magento lifecycle.

    In other words, if the cached page exists, Bolt will serve it up much faster than other FPC extensions because it doesn't need to do a bunch of Magento processing first (as most of the others do).

    Believe it or not, my site is about as fast as it was with Varnish. Almost indistinguishable except under grueling testing conditions. But what's important is that it runs smoothly without any bugs! The current Magento Varnish integration is super buggy.

    Secondly, it's very easy to install. While I use Redis as my cache data store, it's not required. The whole thing is plug and play.

    Also, there aren't a ton of settings you need to mess with to optimize it. It handles hole punching just fine without any real configuration needed.

    And finally, I need to say that Ben offers amazing support. He went above and beyond in helping me getting things working the way I wanted with my specific situation. As mentioned, it's easy to install so you probably won't need his support, but if you do, he's a trooper: very knowledgable and very friendly.

    If you don't believe this is a real review, feel free to take a look at our site:

    Note to Ben: Feel free to remove my link if you don't want to share it. I'm not using it for SEO or anything. I just want people to know this is a real review and they can feel free to contact me anytime with questions about this review.

  14. Tom Crowe
    Full Page Cache

    Happy, It did what we needed and give us a great improvement in page load. we have Bolt, Opti and smushit from Fishpig all have been well worth the investment.

    and the support is first class

  15. Andreas
    Full Page Cache

    The effect is insane: After upgrading our Magento-shop to 1.9 one month ago, we struggled with very poor performance and lost significant amounts of customers and conversion. We already discussed a rollback to the old shop, because the 1.9 initially had a first byte time of 8 seconds(!), which we could "optimise" towards 3 seconds, still inacceptable. Today, just by chance, I found the Fishpig FPC and decided to give it a try - our last chance. I hoped for a first byte time of maybe 1,5 seconds. But the first test reveiled: first byte time 200 Miliseconds!!!! I cannot believe it. The whole shop finally works at high speed. Guys, whenever in Munich: Round of beer is on me. You are my heros. Honestly. btw: Installation and setup super-easy. Thank you! THIS IS MONEY VERY WELL SPENT!

  16. Jag
    Full Page Cache

    Searched long and hard for the right cache module, we so glad we picked Full Page Cache. The results were amazing and the support from Fish pig was excellent.

  17. Tony O'Rourke
    Full Page Cache

    First class extension, service and support-highly recommended.

  18. Jehzeel
    Full Page Cache

    I just compared this with Amasty FPC and Bubbleshop FPC, and indeed, this is the fastest Full Page Cache out there. You can also check at and they achieved the Pagespeed Grade of 100! Yes, 100! The only Magento site (I've seen) with a perfect score in GTMetrix!

  19. Dan
    Full Page Cache

    Great extension & great support. Speed up our site. Was easy to install. Thank You Ben for such an great extension!

  20. Peter Symonds - Display Wizard
    Full Page Cache

    Great extension, really easy to use compared to some I've used and does exactly what you expect it to do.

    Had a couple of problems which Ben sorted out straight away. He even updated the extension to fix one of my problems.

  21. Viktor
    Bolt - Magento Full Page Cache

    A must have for all Magento owners. Installation is smooth and our site loads in 1/10th of the speed as before. WOW! And we had several optimization in place before too. Tried Varnish and others, but the full page cache extension from Fishpig is the simplest way to give a boost to your store. Highly recommended for all. Great extension, great support. Keep up the good work Ben!

  22. Marc
    Bolt - Magento Full Page Cache

    Wow. This is absolutely the most amazing Full Page Cache extension out there. Over 3 years we have tried various solutions to Magento's speed issue. We have a dedicated server hosting (Nexcess SIP-400 with 8 core, 24GB RAM...) but even with that our site was slow. We first had Magento Enterprise and tried their native Full Page Cache. First byte response was still around 1.5 sec. Then we switched to Varnish Cache. Took many months of work to get Varnish to get working. Varnish is very complicated. Even after it was fully set up and running, we would find new issues every month. We were especially worried about all the unknown problems out there due to Varnish that may be customers are facing and not being able to place orders properly. We had issues with customers not being able to log in to our site. Multiple customers made that complain but we or our developers were not being able to reproduce it. Finally, after lot of consultation with Ben Tideswell we decided to scrap Varnish and switch to FishPig's Full Page Cache. From out of the box, right after installation it started working like a charm. We faced very few issues, and whatever problems we had we were able to fix easily. Its been running on our site for 6 months now and we are very happy with the performance.

  23. Nick
    Bolt - Magento Full Page Cache

    Wow - this product has made a HUGE positive difference in our site performance. Great support, quick answers to questions. Money well spent!

  24. Tony
    Bolt - Magento Full Page Cache

    I have just downloaded the update for this full page cache extension to get Redis support and had to leave a review. Before Redis support this extension was super fast but now its gotten even faster. I cant believe how quickly my website is loading. Every website should have this extension installed. Magento is super slow without it

  25. Paul W
    Bolt - Magento Full Page Cache

    This page full cache extension has given us a good boost, and is easily customisable, which is great.

    Support is good and advice sound, installed with no issus with 1.8.1

    Also use Opti and No Bots which are great too.

  26. Chris C
    Bolt - Magento Full Page Cache

    We were excited about moving over to Magento but we were scared about page load time being an issue. We came across Fishpigs full page cache and it looked like EXACTLY what we needed. We decided to give it a try and I was very hopeful it would be the solution we were looking for. After installation it immediately became VERY clear that Bolt would deliver on it's promise of speed. The difference in page load was not only measurable through online speed tests but pretty clear just by navigating around the website. Time to first byte is something crazy like 221ms on our home page and page load time on the cached pages is usually from somewhere under 1 second to maybe, and I mean maybe 1.5 seconds. Needless to say, we were thrilled!

    While the initial experience was great, the followup and support provided by Ben was amazing. To illustrate: after our initial installation we noticed that the cache didn't appear to be updating on some of our products when the inventory was changing. Now we have what I'd call a "complex" inventory management situation with updates coming through automated imports as well as through calls from our enterprise system.

    Honestly I was scared! I now couldn't fathom having to live without the speed benefits Bolt provided, but at the same time we'd been burnt before by companies unwilling to address our issues. Especially in this case, I was worried Fishpig might say our problem was unique to our situation and outside their scope. Well as it turns out my worries were completely unfounded.

    Ben was extremely understanding and helpful, working with us to determine what was causing the issue and quickly providing a fix. We couldn't have asked for anything more. Now we're able to fully realize the speed benefits of Bolt while serving up accurate, up-to-date inventory information.

    As an aside, we also use Minify and NoBots to keep our site snappy.

  27. Tom
    Bolt - Magento Full Page Cache

    I had difficulty installing this full page cache (because of my php version 5.2). Ben fixed it and I have now been runing Bolt on my site for a couple weeks now. The result is just amazing, it so fast! Thumbs up!

  28. Ricky Banks - Apex Supplies
    Bolt - Magento Full Page Cache

    This and the Minify extension together increased my loading speeds no end! I highly recommend both these extensions. Very easy to install, excellent customer service and a personal feel with the developer helping you directly if you need anything.

  29. Patrick
    Bolt - Magento Full Page Cache

    As a developer, I just don't want to have to wrangle with code that purports to be well written - I've a full plate. This cache extension is well written and does exactly what it outlines. The module cache selection is a good feature!

  30. Robert O'Rourke
    Bolt - Magento Full Page Cache

    When I built, I wasn't aware that the design would significantly add to page load speeds. Despite using a "beast" of a dedicated server, we still had very poor page load speeds.

    We spent quite a bit of money employing a freelance developer to address the situation but despite some initial success, the page load speeds gradually increased again.

    It was at this stage we asked Ben to uninstall the "freebie" extensions that were being used and to replace them with "Bolt" and "Opti" and I have to say that after a couple of months the website has continued to perform well.

    Another important aspect to mention is the level of customer service. I have found Ben to be both responsive and helpful with all dealings to date.

    It's a 5 out of 5 from me.

  31. Tim
    Bolt - Magento Full Page Cache

    Fantastic extension. Greatly decreased the page load times and it also detects when it should clear the pages cache as well.

  32. Sid Vel
    Bolt - Magento Full Page Cache

    The page loads are super fast now! I am surprised at how simple and easy it is to install and setup this module! A must have module for all Magento websites.

  33. Alisher
    Bolt - Magento Full Page Cache

    Great Extension ! Was very easy to install and made my Magento site much faster. It has enormously decreased my site's Time to First Byte. And I have to mention that Ben was very helpful from the first step. Good job !!!

  34. Jim F
    Bolt - Magento Full Page Cache

    Installation was straightforward. We did setup in test environment first and had no issues then went to live environment had issue with compression affecting code but that was resolved quickly. Site is significantly faster after installation. I would recommend it.

  35. Sean Li
    Bolt - Magento Full Page Cache

    Ben has been the most amazing developer we've ever worked with. He is extremely responsive from beginning to end (even while on vacation!). The extension itself is unreal, it has decreased our Time to First Byte down under 300ms, initial view barely over one second and our pages loads blazingly fast. I've paid hundreds for other extensions like Aitoc's and the results aren't anywhere as good.

    Honestly, just buy it, see what it does to your site and you'll be a believer.

  36. Patrick Black
    Bolt - Magento Full Page Cache

    My site has nearly 100,000 products and we were struggling with an acceptable load time. We developed the overall theme with speed in mind; however, it still wasn't up to my liking, until we installed this fpc extension. The installation process was performed without a hitch and I couldn't be happier with the speed. My site is extremely fast now and I love it!

  37. Yaron
    Bolt - Magento Full Page Cache

    In one line: The best investment you can make to boost the speed of your site in an unreal way!

    Our story:
    We launched a brand new Magento EE site with hundreds of products and a very heavy theme. The theme was developed over a period of 8 months and included many blocks, CSS files and JS for various purchased sliders and custom build page elements. The site looked great but we were in trouble. Page load was at 20 seconds per page. We did the usual dance between the design team, developers and sysadmin and optimized everything we can from images to external JS and CSS, to DOM elements and HTTP request and even boosted our server capacity drastically. with all of our efforts we were only able to bring page load down to 10 seconds. We started to think of vernish and our server admin had pulled dozens of articles and documents describing how to set it up and various things that we will need to be configured for it to work with our site. It seemed like a huge undertaking but it had to be done to save the project.

    Enter Bolt (FishPig's Full Page Cache)! We found this module by mistake from reading articles on boosting magento speed. And I will not be doing this module any justice unless I described it as a hidden treasure. It seemed almost too good to be true, which my initial reaction was .. well it must not be true, boy was I wrong. The investment was not too big and if it worked the results will greatly out weight the cost. It seemed like a very easy to setup so we figured let's give this a try. Within MINUTES of installing this a module on our servers we notice a drastic improvement in page load. Once a page was cached it will be loaded in less of a second! we have one page that takes 1.6 second to load but hey, we can live with this one page load time :) Now here is the best part of all of this: The developer. When you invest and purchase this module you will not only boost your site speed and make it as fast a lightning bolt (see what I did there) you will also have access to Ben which is an extremely attentive professional that will reply to your emails in a timely fashion and will provide you with any information you might need to solve any anomaly that might exist due to this product. Overall as you might already figured out we are extremely pleased with this product and highly recommend it to anyone running a magento store.

  38. Andrew
    Bolt - Magento Full Page Cache

    This is a great extension! It really speeds Magento up noticeably, even if you are in a fast hosting environment.

  39. Nick
    Bolt - Magento Full Page Cache

    Have worked with Ben several times now. Very pleased with him and his extensions. Purchased this and the minify extesion together. Bought Opti (Minify) just because I trust his products/service. Site is faster, much faster.

  40. Shawn J
    Bolt - Magento Full Page Cache

    AMAZING EXTENSION! This full page cache is an absolutely necessity for Magento, unbelievable increase the speed of our website. I am extremely pleased with the performance of this extension and the support provided by Fishpig!

  41. Darren Newton
    Bolt - Magento Full Page Cache

    I am not the sort of person who spends month on buying "frilly" extensions, after all we all expect to look around the net and find it for free!, However I was using other extensions from Fish Pig and was impressed with the products and service from Ben, so when it was suggested I though "hey why not". I am using a Joomlart theme and they are heavy and slow, but this is something I have lived with because I like the look.... But now since installing Bolt the page load speed is more than just a little bit quicker, it is now LIGHTENING fast.

  42. Pedro
    Bolt - Magento Full Page Cache

    We were using another Full Page Cache and all their modules add ons.
    We have a high graphical website, so the site speed is always on our top concerns.
    We liked to give a chance to Fishpigs Full Page Cache, and i must say WOW.
    The site now it is really flying compared with prior FPC.
    Ben was very helpful in all regards and we got Opti and No Bots.
    The whole combination with the Expertise of Ben, made us a very glad and happy Customer.
    One of the best extensions and services we got so far.
    Highly Recommend Ben and his extensions and services!

  43. Iain Shuttlewood
    Bolt - Magento Full Page Cache

    Really pleased with my purchase. Has definitely sped up my site and the advice from Ben was excellent. He went above and beyond, making small amendments to my site for me to improve it. Would recommend the software and Ben to anybody. I also purchased Opti and the two combined worked perfectly.

  44. Mike G
    Bolt - Magento Full Page Cache

    Extremely pleased with the speed of this extension. I had a slight problem with it when it was installed as I have a complicated store setup, however Ben was quick to rectify that by rewriting part of the extension to suit my specific stores needs. I recommend Bolt and I also recommend Ben the developer for his awesome support. We use this extension with Opti also

  45. Serhiy
    Bolt - Magento Full Page Cache

    I am very pleased with my purchase; extension works really well and my pages are flying... and i want to thank to Ben, who's been really helpful with support and fixing a few issues related to my site. HIHGLY RECOMMEND!!!!

  46. works good
    Bolt - Magento Full Page Cache

    I use this cache extension and Opti. And it really is way faster than before.

  47. Michele B.
    Bolt - Magento Full Page Cache

    One of the best improvements I've ever seen on a store. It's now insanely fast, whereas it was quite possibly the slowest website I had ever built. This along with Opti are a must have for any decent sized store (and any store, period).

    Plus support is very corteous and answers quickly, both for this and other extensions. Definitely one of the best experiences I've had in a while.

  48. Dan F.
    Bolt - Magento Full Page Cache

    After dealing with slow magento speeds for the past year I was excited to see Fishpig launched an affordable full page cache extension. I'd had good experience before with Fishpig giving me some help with their Magento/ Wordpress integration.

    I couldn't be happier with this Magento full page cache extension, some of my configurable products have thousands of simple products attached and used to take 10-15 seconds for the page to load. With this extension, those product pages are loading in about a second and many of my CMS pages are well under a second. Ben has also been very helpful, solving a couple small hiccups for me quickly and with good communication.

    I highly recommend this extension and Fishpig.

  49. Pete Williams
    Bolt - Magento Full Page Cache

    I finally replaced mturbo with Fishpigs full page cache and could not be happier. It was an easy switch and only took Ben form FishPig about 15 minutes to complete. Since then, I have warmed the cache and can confirm that my site is majorly faster than before and I can't wait to see how this affects my conversion rate and google ranking.

    Great support from Ben and thank you for a very quick turn around

  50. Dean Royal
    Bolt - Magento Full Page Cache

    After using Opti to great effect, I was eager to try FishPigs full page cache on my new side project (small budget so a slow server). Ben told me that it was much faster than Opti and could also be used at the same time. I can attest to the quality of this extension as my site is now super fast.

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