Magento 2 Page Speed

Automatically speed up Magento 2 with this page speed optimisation module. Minify and merge your assets, convert images to WebP, lazy loading and much more.

Your site will be faster and have better speed reports with this Magento 2 module.

If you have an integrated WordPress blog, this will also fully optimise all content from WordPress.

  • Automatically minify your HTML, JavaScript and CSS
  • Give your customers less data to download and make your site faster
  • Automatically convert all images to WebP, the optimised image format and provide a fallback.
  • Find and replace duplicate product images
  • Requires no extra software or server modules to work
  • This will optimise content from your WordPress integrated blog automatically.
  • Product updates and support for 12 months
  • Instant access via private Composer repository or download as a ZIP
Automatic and efficientMagento 2 performance optimization
  1. Optimize static assets such as Javascript, CSS, web fonts and HTML
  2. Convert legacy images to the modern WEBP format
  3. Includes new optimizations created by FishPig and featured no where else
Compatible with all versions of Magento 2.4.*

Optimize Magento 2

Making your website faster has never been more important. A fast website will lead to higher conversion and better rankings from search engines. This is why we have created a Magento 2 optimisation module that works right out of the box, with no advanced configuration required. Just install and watch your site get faster.

Minify JS, CSS & HTML

Minification is not a new feature but is still as important and relevant as it was 10 years ago. The idea is simple. Take your content and convert it to the smallest file size possible without changing how it works. The customer then has less data to download, which results in a quicker page load.

FishPig's PageSpeed optimises your JS, CSS and HTML automatically. You don't have to run a command, it all happens silently and efficiently in the background. The result is simple. Small files, quick downloads and a happy customer.

  • Minify

    Your content will be automatically minified. This includes external files as well as inline content.

  • Merge

    Your external files can be merged into a single file to reduce the number of separate connections

  • Defer parsing of JavaScript

    Enable the Move to Bottom option for JS to fix the GTMetrix recommendation for defering JavaScript.

  • JavaScript Bundles

    We use our own advanced JS bundling to provide automatic and efficient Javascript bundling.

Image Optimisation

Images are often a large part of a website visually but also in terms of overall download size. Optimising images is vitally important to create a fast and professional site.

  • WebP Images

    PageSpeed will automatically convert all of your images to Google's WebP format. This will result in a small file for your customers to download while keeping the image looking exactly the same.

    Click here for more details on WebP

  • Lazy Load Images

    Lazy Load allows you to only display the images the are visible to the customer. As they scroll down the page, the images are automatically downloaded.

  • Responsive Images

    PageSpeed will automatically create different sized versions of your images and serve the correct size based on the customers browser size. This means mobile users get smaller images automatically.

  • Duplicate Product Images

    Automatically fix the Serve resources from a consistent URL GTMetrix error using the duplicate Magento product image system built into Page Speed.

  1. How do I download an extension?

    All FishPig extensions can be downloaded as ZIP files or installed/upgraded automatically using Composer and our private Composer repository.

  2. Do FishPig modules support the Hyva theme?

    Yes, all FishPig modules are compatible with the Hyva theme for Magento 2.

  1. Jack
    Page Speed

    From far the best speed module I have tested so far. What is even better is... just Ben ! Very helpful and really does whatever is possible to fix every little thing to make the module 100% compatible with my website configuration.
    At the end... I was very lucky to find this module !!! I recommand it to anyone. Really !

  2. Paul Burdon
    Minify JS, HTML & CSS

    Great and honest support from Ben (which is refreshing). Really recommend this as an extension and also Fishpig as a company, Ben provides excellent committed service.

  3. Julian
    Minify JS, HTML & CSS

    Easy installation and configuration. With correct set up this will make you pages load faster and keep your customers happy. It's not a magic bullet but if you know about optimising images and can separate the css needed for above-the-fold content this extension makes life a lot easier for you.

    Finally, if you do have any questions or problems I can *guarantee* that Ben will help you as much as he can. This is the second Fishpig extension I have used and would not hesitate to use more in the future

  4. Mike
    Minify JS, HTML & CSS

    Excellent extension. It really helped reduced page load speed times from around 3.5s down to low 2s. Also pushed up GTMetrix scores. Installed easily for a novice and an initial conflict was quickly looked into and sorted by Ben. Highly recommend the extension and Ben. Cheers, Mike.

  5. Tom De Grezia
    Minify JS, HTML & CSS

    This is an excellent extension that substantially increased site performance. Was simple to install and configure and received immediate support for an unforeseen conflict that was quickly solved. This is my 6th extension from Fishpig with all properly functioning on version Highly recommend!

  6. Petra
    Minify JS, HTML & CSS

    Easy setup, works like a charm!

  7. Nathan
    Minify JS, HTML & CSS

    I tried a few different extensions before finding Opti. Some were free some were commercial. None of them were as easy to use and as effective as this one.

    As for the free ones out there, you'll find you'll need to manually click a button in the admin to minify your JS. And on occasion if the JS cache is cleared, you will not get notified that you must again click that button. It's a super hassle that costs you ratings with Google's PageSpeed since Googlebot will not email you and let you know... hey, you were minified before but something happened. Did you forget to click that button?

    As for the commercial options out there, they require you to install Java and/or some other library on your server. I frankly did not have much luck with them. Some of the companies also add a bunch of cruft to your Admin UI. You know what I'm taking about. Some hot yellow link right there in your main Admin navigation that screams for attention every time you enter your Admin. I personally find that very annoying.

    Opti is not like that at all. For one thing, it's tucked away very elegantly in the Admin configuration section. It's plug and play. No real configuration needed. No need to install special libraries on your server.

    Opti is also completely automated. No need to click any buttons periodically to run the optimization. It is designed to always check and optimize if needed.

    Worth also mentioning that Opti will minify JS, CSS, and HTML. Plus, it will move your JS and CSS to the bottom of the page (a process called deferring JS / CSS). Most others will do some of these things, but not all.

    And finally, Opti's algorithm is far better than other extensions I've tried. The minification is very condensed. All superfluous white space / line breaks are removed.

    Great extension and I highly recommend it!

  8. Siddharth Maheshwari
    Minify JS, HTML & CSS

    Excellent extension, Flawless implementation.
    A thousand thanks to FishPing for Minify JS, HTML & CSS.


  9. Dan
    Minify JS, HTML & CSS

    Excellent products. Excellent Developer.

    Opti is plug and play. We use Opti in combination with Bolt & NoBots - really fast Trio :-)

    Thank You Ben!

  10. Jag
    Minify JS, HTML & CSS

    Must have extension which will improve page speed scores.

  11. Jeremy SIlva
    Minify JS, HTML & CSS

    This is my default purchase for ANY Magento site, old or new. Ben's support is legendary and even with this sheer complexity involved with minification, this plugin delivers excellent results.

  12. Tony O'Rourke
    Minify JS, HTML & CSS

    Brilliant service and results

  13. Peter Symonds - Display Wizard
    Minify JS, HTML & CSS

    Easy to use and does exactly what it says on the tin!

  14. Jason

    Opti just works. Install it, refresh your cache and your files will be at their smallest possible size. You can then sit back and enjoy having a faster site.

  15. Dave

    Works great out of the box.

  16. Ricky Banks - Apex Supplies

    I had a few problems with installation as there was another extension using the same files but Ben helped me and we had everything up and running within an hour. Great service and a very non-intrusive extension.

  17. Tom

    So easy to install - 2 seconds to setup. Pageload time is faster on the frontend AND backend which is so nice.

  18. Tim

    An invisible and invaluable plugin. The source code is compressed and running smoothly. I use Amazon's CloudFront CDN along with Bolt, Opti and SmushIt all work well together.

  19. andy

    I installed Opti onto my Magento store and was very happy with the results. Ben is also a top bloke - I have fired various questions over to him and he's been very responsive to answers. The "grouping" functionality is very good and I'm steadily going through all of my JS files to try and combine as many as I can.

  20. Alisher

    I have purchased Opti with Bolt in a bundle. And the only thing I can say - It was the best Investment for my Magento site. The Extension does its job by compressing JavaScript and CSS. Already have plans to invest into more extensions. Thank You Ben !!!

  21. Dirk

    So I installed the extension via FTP. The extension works, my Javascript file was compressed from more than 1000kb to 170kb, nice.

  22. Sean Li

    Ben has been the most amazing developer we've ever worked with. He is extremely responsive from beginning to end (even while on vacation!). This extension on top of Bolt has shown some incredible results. The default Magento Minify and Combine JSS/CS are just broken beyond belief (we're on but Opti has done what no other extensions we've tested with can. Ben even went out of his way to work with our CDN to implement MaxCDN solutions to work with Opti. He really goes above and beyond with customer service.

    Honestly, just buy it, see what it does to your site and you'll be a believer. You can our site at to see the results for yourself.

  23. Andrew

    With Magento being extremely dependent on a slew of JavaScript files, Opti is a godsend! We'd tried Minifying and merging JS file before, but always seemed to run into issues with functionality breaking. Opti worked immediately, combining and minifying files perfectly. Highly recommended!

  24. Alex

    Using Opti to minify and combine .js and .css files, which reduces pages load time. Opti worked right out of the box without conflicts and special configuration with many other Magento extensions installed in the store. Had some questions about its functions and author quickly answered to them. Also I recommend this extension because it includes free updates for life!

  25. Nick

    Bought Opti while purchasing Bolt. Not quite sure if we needed it but have worked with Ben and Fishpig several times before and have always been pleased with their solutions and service. Wanted to be able to address our site speed with one vendor. Site noticeably faster with Bolt/Opti extensions.

  26. Shawn J

    I am using OPTI as well as BOLT, and both these plugins have increased the speed of our website tremendously. The performance of this plugin is incredible, and FIshpig has the best support!

  27. Dan F
    Minify Magento (Opti)

    I'm using Opti in combination with FishPig's other extensions Bolt and The combination of these three extensions has dramatically increased my site speed and usability. FIshPig has been great to work with also and very responsive to any questions.

  28. abe
    Opti - Magento Optimisation

    I love minify code and never get an extension to do this well. Opti is easy to use and install and makes a difference for me. My site is faster and it only took 5 mins to make it so

  29. Mark
    Dynamic Block Caching

    After requesting dynamic block caching, Ben kindly added this in for me. I prefer this to full page caching as it means I can only cache the blocks that affect performance and still include dynamic blocks on every page.

    The extension was easy to install and my site was noticeably faster instantly,

  30. Mo
    Thanks PIGGY

    Simple extension but great results. Thanks piggy!

  31. WoodFloors!
    Opti Review

    We supply hard wood flooring at (-link-removed-) and stock 1000's of different floor styles. This extension allowed us to keep growing our site without increasing our server resources and was easy to install.

  32. Jon S Lewis

    This fabulous extension has improved my site's response time and decreased page load time by a factor of 3!

    This will have a great affect on my conversaion rate and organic search engine positioning

  33. rasmus
    good but simple

    opti is nice and easy to install and my site is faster

  34. Steven

    Another useful extension from Fishpig that does exactly what it says on the tin! My site is on shared hosting and was thinking of moving to a VPS but now I dont have to

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