Magento 2 Cache Warmer

Automatically add your URLs to your full page cache before your customers visit them.

This fast and efficient cache warmer for Magento 2 will crawl your XML sitemaps and warm each URL, ensuring it is added to the full page cache.

Using it's Smart Warming feature, only URLs not already in the cache will be crawled, making it extremely efficient.

  • Concurrent HTTP requests allow 10 URLs or more to be warmed at the same time
  • Smart Warming only warms URLs that aren't already cached.
  • Product updates and support for 12 months
  • Instant access via private Composer repository or download as a ZIP
Ensure you always have aFully cached site for optimum speeds
  1. Smart warming options allow for efficient caching warming
  2. Never serve uncached content
Compatible with all versions of Magento 2.3 and 2.4

Magento FPC Warmer

This full page cache warmer extension for Magento will process your XML sitemaps and add each URL to the cache so that when your customer visits them, the URLs are already cached and page response time is fast.

  • High Speed

    By using concurrency, we are able to request multiple URLs at the same time and as soon as one completes, another is added. This makes the warming process extremely quick.

  • Smart Warming

    Using the Smart Warming feature, any URL found in the cache will be skipped so that only uncached URLs are warmed. This saves time and resources and helps the Cache Warmer be so efficient.

  • Auto Warming

    When you save content in Magento (product, category and CMS pages), the content will be automatically requested and added back into the cache. This works as part of the Smart Warming feature.

  • Module Support

    The Cache Warmer is XML sitemap based so any URL added to your XML sitemap will be warmed. This includes products, categories, CMS pages, WordPress Integration content and any other third party module content that is added to your XML sitemap.

  1. How do I download an extension?

    All FishPig extensions can be downloaded as ZIP files or installed/upgraded automatically using Composer and our private Composer repository.

  2. Do FishPig modules support the Hyva theme?

    Yes, all FishPig modules are compatible with the Hyva theme for Magento 2.

Changelog v2.5.3