Magento 2 Data Flow Import/Export

Flow is powerful import and export functionality using CSVs for Magento 2 that can import products, categories, CMS pages or any other data you require, all using simple CSVs.

You can build your own CSVs by hand, or run a custom export and then modify that CSV and then import it back in. The format is flexible and Flow will handle any data/columns that you give it.

You can export the SKU and price of all products of Brand X. Then use Excel to quickly modify the prices and then reimport. You can update 1,000s of prices in seconds using this method.

The possibilities for Flow are endless.

  • Product updates and support for 12 months
  • Instant access via private Composer repository or download as a ZIP
Easy and flexibleMagento 2 import & export
  1. Import & export via the Admin, command line, CRON, PHP scripts & more.
  2. Flexible CSV format means you specify only the fields you want
  3. Build and preview exports via the Admin UI
  4. Automate imports from Google Sheets or other external sources
Compatible with all versions of Magento 2.3 and 2.4


Getting data out of Magento 2 is much harder than it should be. With Flow this is made simple. Select the export type (eg. Catalog Product) and choose a list of columns that you want to export and add any filters (eg. sku, name, brand=Nike). You can preview the export in the browser or export it and download it as a CSV.

You can now edit the CSV and reimport it to update any data. Remove columns, add columns, Flow can handle it all.

  • GUI / PHP / CLI

    You can export via the Admin backend, you can build exports into your PHP scripts and you can even export via the CLI.

  • Any Attribute

    Flow allows you to export any product attribute and includes custom ones like qty and url_rewrite.


Importing is just as easy and flexible exporting. First get a CSV that you want to import. You can use a previously exported CSV, a CSV you have created by hand (using a Text Editor or Excel, Google Sheets etc), select the import type (eg. Catalog Product) and then import it. It's that easy. Importing is quick and efficient and will trigger the appropriate indexes and caches to be updated.

  • Flexible Formats

    You can use any column headings you want and as few or many as you need. If you only want to update the price, remove everything other than sku and price for a quicker import.

  • Create or Update

    If you use an identity field (eg. entity_id or sku) then the row will be udpated. If not a new record will be created. This allows for adding new records and updating existing ones.

Use Cases

There are so many different ways to use Flow to optimise your operation. Here are just a few ways people are already using it.

  • PHP

    Flow isn't limited to the Admin GUI. You can use Flow in your PHP scripts. Wire Flow into your stock control systems for quick stock updates or even your product import systems.

    Better yet, need a dirty way to quickly update some data, Flow can help!

  • Command Line

    Yes you can import and export using the Flow via the command line. CLI exporting is extremely useful for quickly seeing data without going through the Admin (eg. export sku=your_sku,name,price,qty).

  • Bulk Price Changes

    This is a game changer! Use the Flow to export all prices or just prices from a specific brand. Edit the prices in the CSV files using spreadsheet software and then reimport. Easy and efficient price control!

  • Stock Control

    If you have a CSV that includes your SKU and qty, you can easily import this via Flow and update 1,000's of stock records in seconds. If the stock level changes, the relevant indexes and caches are flushed automatically.

Changelog v1.8.35