Magento 2 Smart Product Tabs

SmartTabs is the only Magento product tabs extension that gives you full control over your tabs. Using the intuitive Admin GUI, you can insert tabs based on product attributes, static blocks and layout blocks without needing to touch any code. You can also add as many tabs as you like.

SmartTabs includes tabs filters, so you can add tabs that only display on certain conditions such as product attributes, category or price!

SmartTabs is used to create the tabs used further down on this page.

  • Product updates and support for 12 months
  • Instant access via private Composer repository or download as a ZIP
The original and bestMagento 2 Product Tabs Extension
  1. Create tabs from the admin area
  2. Create rules so different tabs show for different products
Compatible with all versions of Magento 2.4.*

Magento Product Tabs

All of the existing Magento product tab extensions don't give you proper control over your tabs, making them extremely limited. A lot of these extensions require you to modify XML code to alter your tabs or limit the number of tabs you can create. SmartTabs aims to change this and make product page tabs powerful and easy to implement.

Product Tab Data Sources

With SmartTabs, you create tabs directly in the Magento Admin. Using the intuitive GUI, you can automatically create and insert tabs based on multiple different data sources.

  • Product Attributes

    The first data source are product attributes. You can select any text area based product attribute (description, short description or any custom attribute you create) and have it automatically added to a product tab. This is great for the description but can be used for any custom attributes you create. This tab data source is used on this site to display this text and the installation guides for extensions.

  • Static Blocks

    You can create a static block and use that as a data source for a tab. This allows you to create static content and display it on a tab on every product. This is great for displaying shipping information, size guides, returns information or anything else that you want to display on multiple products.

  • Magento Block Tag

    A magento block is a structured string that will be parsed into a Magento block. These tags are in the format:

  • Magento XML Layout Block

    You can generate a tab that retrieves it's content from another block. To do this, all you need to specify is the block name and SmartTabs will do the rest. This will allow you to easily include blocks from custom extensions you have installed.


Showing Different Tabs for Different Products

Rather than showing the same tabs on every product page, SmartTabs allows you to setup rules to determine which tabs to display against which product. Currently, these rules only include categories but will soon be expanded to include product attributes and prices.

  • Showing Tabs for Products by Category

    When creating a tab in Smart Tabs you can specify which categories a product must be part of to qualify for the tab. If you leave this empty, the tab will display on every product but if you specify some categories, only products that are in one of the categories. The uses for this are endless and once again, you can do all of this without touching any code!

  • Showing Tabs for Products by Attribute

    You can now set tabs to display for products that have certain attributes, price or for on sale only products. This can all be configured from the Admin interface.

  1. How do I download an extension?

    All FishPig extensions can be downloaded as ZIP files or installed/upgraded automatically using Composer and our private Composer repository.

  2. Do FishPig modules support the Hyva theme?

    Yes, all FishPig modules are compatible with the Hyva theme for Magento 2.

  1. Jon S
    Smart Product Tabs

    Great product for magento tabs that gives me and my team control without needing a dev to make changes

  2. Mike G
    Smart Product Tabs

    Works out of the box even with Ultimo theme with heavy customisation. You have to give this extension 5 stars for its functionality but also Ben needs 5 stars for his support and programming skills, always at hand to help you get the best from his extensions.

  3. Nikki
    Smart Product Tabs

    purchased several extensions last year, they were all superb and the service was good.. my experience this year? not only the extensions are top, even the service is top.. thanks!

  4. Chris M
    Smart Tabs

    Great extension that works straight away. Gives store owners much better control over the product tabs - the marketing potential with this module is endless!

    Smart Tabs

    I was looking for like this extension, thanks to fishpig.. I got it ready-made as per my need. Installation was very easy.. it worked out of the box with my custom theme (Ultimo). It's a great extension.

    I highly recommend it everyone.

  6. Ricky Banks - Apex Supplies
    Smart Tabs

    A great extension. I tried using a few of the cheaper/free extensions but they simply don't compare. The support and response times by FishPig are fantastic! I will be purchasing more extensions soon.

  7. Nils
    Smart Tabs

    An absolutely fantastic extension to Magento! Was a bit problematic for me to get it working, but thanks to the outstanding support the issue was quickly resolved.

    Five stars without a doubt, definitely recommended!

  8. Jerry
    Smart Tabs

    This is an amazing extension that I have been using extensively on my new Magento site. With much customization from Ben, it has been one of the most useful components on my website! Highly recommended

  9. Stavros Topaltzikis
    Smart Tabs

    I have to give 5 stars again :-) because it is brilliant and well programmed. Easy installation, does what it says and gives great flexibility in presenting your products and content in Magento. A valuable extension!
    Working like a charm on CE edition.

  10. Mike Koenig
    Smart Tabs

    These tabs are amazing.. very simple to install and they add a much more pleasing interface for our customers than the stock tabs. From an administrative stance, I also love the control they give us for products that need more explanations or additional resources. All of this without having to break into the code to get what we want.

    Customers have already said "oh cool!" when clicking on the tabs.. I'm for anything that gets the customers attention on a product page. Great extension.

  11. Marsel
    Smart Tabs

    I have been looking for a tab extensions for over 4 years. I tried the free ones and I pad for ones that required payment too. This extension meets all my expectations and more.. The more being the excellent support that comes with the purchase from FishPig.

    Smart Tabs is extremely simple and easy to work with. I highly recommend the extensions, and I highly recommend working with this company because they won't leave you hanging like the others. You can see the extension work on our site

    Thanks Ben.

  12. Amy Robertson

    Smart Tabs performs well against other tab extensions and has given me control over content on my product page. I can now easily add and format tabs containing product attributes and other data without needing to call my web agency. In addition to Smart Tabs I purchased Crosslinks and Basket Shipping, both of which have helped me a bunch

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