Magento 2 WordPress Integration 1 Click WP Admin Login

Back by popular demand, the 1 click WordPress Admin login module allows you to login to your WordPress Admin from your Magento Admin with just a single click.

  • Store your WP Admin login details encrypted in Magento
  • Login to the WordPress Admin from anywhere in the Magento Admin with 1 click
  • You no longer have to remember your WordPress Admin login details.
  • Product updates and support for 12 months
  • Instant access via private Composer repository or download as a ZIP
Easy 1 Click WP Admin Auto Login
  1. Login to the WordPress Admin from the Magento Admin with 1 click
  2. Enter different WP Admin login details for each Magento Admin user
  3. Never forget your WP Admin login details again
Compatible with all versions of Magento 2.3 and 2.4

1-Click WordPress Admin Login

As the title says, you can now login to the WordPress Admin with a single click from anywhere in the Magento Admin. You no longer have to remember both your Magento and WordPress account details as you can now securely store your WP account detais with your Magento account.

  • 1 Click

    Just click the WP logo in the Magento Admin to log directly in to the WordPress Admin

  • Secure Storage

    Your WordPress Admin login details are stored encrypted in Magento

  • Multiple Accounts

    Each Magento Admin user can enter their own WP account details so WP accounts can be separate or shared

  1. What is an add-on module?

    A WordPress Integration add-on module is a module that only works if you first install our free Magento 2 WordPress Integration module to integrate WordPress into Magento 2. The add-on module provides extra functionality to the core integration module.

  2. How do I download an extension?

    All FishPig extensions can be downloaded as ZIP files or installed/upgraded automatically using Composer and our private Composer repository.

  3. Do FishPig modules support the Hyva theme?

    Yes, all FishPig modules are compatible with the Hyva theme for Magento 2.

Changelog v3.4.2