Magento 2 WordPress Integration Root

Remove your blog sub-directory (eg. /blog/) from your blog URLs and position WordPress content anywhere in your Magento URL structure.

You can use Root to create and manage your CMS pages in WordPress so you no longer have to use Magento CMS Pages for your content.

  • Product updates and support for 12 months
  • Instant access via private Composer repository or download as a ZIP
Break free and putWordPress at the root
  1. Remove /blog/ from your integrated URLs.
  2. Create CMS pages in WordPress rather than Magento
  3. Use Page Builder plugins to create your CMS Pages
Compatible with all versions of Magento 2.4.*

Create Magento CMS Pages in WordPress

This Magento extension allows you to remove the sub-directory of your blog (eg. /blog) from all blog URLs. This means you can position your content anywhere from the root of your URL, rather than being restricted to the blog directory (eg. /blog). This is great for SEO as it allows you to get the exact URLs you require for your SEO aims.

Combine this module with Post Types & Taxonomies and Shortcodes & Widgets and you will be truly unstoppable and have the potential to create an impressive array of content without needing to code at all!

  • CMS Pages in WordPress

    Root allows you to create a page in WordPress and have it available anywhere from the root of your URL. This allows you to replace your Magento CMS pages with WordPress pages.

  • Multiple Blogs

    Combine this module with Post Types & Taxonomies and you can create what appears on the frontend to be multiple separate blogs but is actually just different post types (eg. /blog /news /articles /recipes).

  1. What is an add-on module?

    A WordPress Integration add-on module is a module that only works if you first install our free Magento 2 WordPress Integration module to integrate WordPress into Magento 2. The add-on module provides extra functionality to the core integration module.

  2. How do I download an extension?

    All FishPig extensions can be downloaded as ZIP files or installed/upgraded automatically using Composer and our private Composer repository.

  3. Do FishPig modules support the Hyva theme?

    Yes, all FishPig modules are compatible with the Hyva theme for Magento 2.

  1. Elvis

    Well, Ben is really a fantastic. Not only he is always helping within emails (very responsive) but also where other providers will call something 'customization' he immediattly implement it in his modules if that makes sense and logic as functionality to itself. Really really great developer. Root itself is great module to handle some pages as 'main' for Magento but from Wordpress. Well done!

  2. Sergio Alfaro

    Works as expected, very simple addon, only upload and working. Ben, from customer support help as to add a compatibility with on wordpress plugin we are using very fast. Thanks!

  3. Nate

    Ben has been extremely helpful in assisting with our integration of FishPig's powerful WordPress/Magento extension. It is amazing to have the power of Magento and WordPress in one centralized admin area, and this extension provides that functionality. I recommend not only the extension, but hiring FishPig to help with the installation of the extension. All in all, 5 stars!

  4. Jeremy

    The fishpig magento worpdress integration works as described. It's been a great extension and runs smoothly without any errors. Ben with Fishpig replies back to all of my inquiries less than 24 hours later with clear solutions and answers to all my questions. He's gone above and beyond what I would expect. The multisite extension is a great addition for those running multiple sites. ROOT has worked as described and requires little to no work after integration. Gravity forms works as described. The best addition was the use of visual composer magento integration. With the difficulty created smooth and modern pages in the CMS editor on Magento, Visual composer has worked like a charm. Would highly recommend Fishpig and all their integrations to anyone. Thanks Ben!

  5. Matt Dignan

    The Magento Wordpress integration was as seamless as can be, the steps were very easy to follow and it works flawlessly! The Root extension has made this even more powerful, now I’m able to fully control all of my content with Wordpress, including the home page which is great for SEO. I couldn’t be happier with all of these products!

  6. Dallas

    I wanted 3 blogs on my single store Magento installation and Ben set this up for me using Root and the Posttypes extension. I now have a different post type for each different 'section' of my blog so it looks like I have 3 separate distinctive blogs. I have my normal articles at /blog/ I have my company news at /news/ and I have my up and coming events at /events/. In the future I am going to add another blog section at /inspire/ for user submitted content. I am excited about this project again!!!

  7. James

    The Root extension works as described. I also chose to have it installed by Ben. The installation was quick and he instantly grasped what we were trying to achieve

  8. Gillian

    Excellent App and Super Support Highly Recommend

  9. Martin

    This module is absolutely brilliant. It is so easy to install and under the hood the code is very clean and well written.

  10. Erik Hansen

    This add-on is a must-have if you want Wordpress to power pages in addition to posts. Highly recommended

  11. michelle

    used in combination with post types extension lets me have what appear like multiple blogs inside 1 Magento store. this is good and lets me create different types of content for seo really easy and all from the wordpress admin.

  12. Dan

    I now consider this a must for any content heavy Magento store.
    Easy to install and has minimal configuration.
    Great job as ever, go team FishPig!

  13. Tom

    Awesome - as always.

    Everything we have used from Fishpig has been excellent. So much so we have started to rethink how we structure our Magento sites to utilise the flexibility of Wordpress to allow our customers ease of use when managing their stores.

  14. Stefan

    Cool and easy implementation of ROOT makes you using WP as your CMS of Choice with all the great benefits which are come shipped with wordpress. It doesn't change the look so you can just produce content easy on the fly.

    it would be great to build an option to configure the short code for products, or to produce your own, that would give you unlimited solutions to build what ever you expect to build with your magento and WP.

    Sorry for my poor english

  15. Andy

    Works exactly as I hoped, in my opinion an essential purchase if using Worpdress to manage CMS pages in Magento. Bravo!

  16. Andrew

    This extremely useful extension has allowed us to seamlessly integrate WP and Magento. We wanted WP content to be served up from the website root, and this extension does it perfectly.

  17. Kathir 'Sid' Vel

    Kudos to Ben, who's developed all these wonderful Magento modules!

  18. Michael

    Root does exactly what it says it does and I am very pleased with the product. I had a small issue due to improper instillation and the support I received was excellent.

  19. Brock

    Works great. Should make it easier for our staff to add content to the site without being proficient with html and css.

  20. Tony Paul

    I hate the Magento CMS and CMS pages. They're slow to work with and the auto-html is always wrong and stops my pages from validating. When Root came out, I didn't realise it's potential and saw it just as a way to get more refined blog URL's. After speaking to Ben Tideswell at FishPig, I realised this could be used to COMPLETELY REPLACE THE MAGENTO CMS WITH WORDPRESS! Wow!

    I now create all of my pages in WordPress and have them display at the root of my Magento website. For example, I have an FAQ page written in WordPress. I have created a page called FAQ and now customers can go to /faq and view this page. I am currently converting all of my pages to WordPress and even plan on converting the contact page and using Contact Form 7 to include a contact form on this page.

    No more sluggish Magento CMS pages! Hurrah!

  21. Arwin D.

    Works like a charm! And finally as well the support from fishpig is excellent. Your eMail will be answered superfast, sundays as well, sometimes within minutes!

    Thanks a lot for outstanding products and service.

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